Rubery Vendors – Avoid These Viewing Turn-Offs

Selling your home can be a challenging process. You have likely developed many happy memories of your property. For some households, this makes leaving a wrench, but there is also the fact that these memories may colour your opinions of your home. You must create the best impression on prospective buyers, and they see things you don’t see when you look around your home. It is helpful to know what things buyers don’t like to see when viewing a property. If you know how to avoid these viewing turn-offs, you increase your chances of connecting positively with buyers.

Connect with buyers in Rubery

At Dunedin Sales & Lettings, we are pleased to say we have worked closely with Rubery vendors in recent years. We have helped many homeowners engage buyers and sell their home. We know the local market, and we stay up to date with the latest market research. A recent study undertaken by an online property company spoke to 1,266 people in Britain who have viewed several properties between August of 2018 and July of 2019. The findings provide a handy list of things buyers don’t want to see when they view a property. The most commonly cited viewing turn-off was extensive marks, cracks or stains on floors, ceilings and walls. 76% of respondents said this would be enough to put them off the property, so if you are selling your home, bear this in mind. It is easy to see why prospective buyers have a problem with these issues. Cracks possibly indicate an underlying problem at the property, and marks and stains are off-putting when a home should be in pristine condition.

Bathroom fixtures are essential when selling a home

Another commonly cited problem was issues relating to bathroom fixtures. If there was low water pressure in the bath or shower, or the toilet didn’t flush, buyers would be put off. The bathroom is an integral room in any property. It is often the smallest room, but it has a huge role to play in the running of a household and ensuring people get on with their day in an effective manner. Bathroom problems represent a significant problem for many prospective buyers, as they know how negatively it affects their life. Some issues are rooted in common sense. It is no surprise that 66% of respondents cited exposed wires as being an issue they were unhappy with when viewing a property. Exposed wires represent a significant health and safety hazard. Anyone placing their home up for sale should ensure they don’t have any aspects which pose a health risk, as this will make many buyers turn away. Other features cited by prospective buyers as a viewing turn-off include:
• Excessive mould in the bathroom • Damaged or broken window doors and frames • Rusting exterior or interior pipes • Light switches or fixtures not working • Damaged or worn-out carpet
When you are preparing a home for sale, there is a lot to consider. However, you must present the property in the best manner. Bear these complaints in mind when preparing your home for a sale. If you are a Rubery vendor looking to sell your home, it is best to get help from local experts. We are pleased to say we have assisted many local vendors in Rubery to sell their home, and we look forward to helping you. When you need the best standard of property sales guidance, contact Dunedin Sales & Lettings, and we will be happy to help.