Inventory Checks Protect Landlords And Tenants

The moving-in process is often stressful for landlords and tenants. There is a lot to focus on at the time, but the quality of the relationship between the landlord and tenant is often set with this early interaction. One of the most essential features of the check-in process is the inventory check, and this protects landlords and tenants.

What is an inventory check?

The inventory check details the condition of the rental property and its contents. An inventory check can, and should, be carried out on all property types, including unfurnished and part-furnished properties. The more detailed and accurate an inventory check is, the better. Information contained in an inventory check provides the landlord and tenant with guidance on the starting condition of the tenancy. Therefore, this information sets expectations for the rest of the lease.

Why is an inventory critical?

An inventory check is crucial because it helps to minimise disagreements or fall-outs between the landlord and tenant. A lack of communication is a significant factor in many rental property fall-outs, but with an inventory check, there is a starting point for discussion regarding the condition of the property. Without an inventory check, disputes come down to the landlords’ word versus the tenant. In this situation, it is difficult to reach a fair conclusion, especially if both parties are unwilling to back down. However, with a detailed inventory check, that has been agreed by all parties, it becomes easier to determine any damage caused at the rental property.

Should the inventory check contain photographs and images?

While there are no regulations regarding what an inventory check must entail, it makes sense to consider the use of technology to create a more informed recording of the condition of the property. Tenants are advised to take photographs of the rental property when they move in, for their records. Therefore, there is a lot to be said for an official recording of the rental property, providing landlord and tenant with the information they can use to resolve any disputes which arise later.

Is it best to have an independent inventory check?

Any inventory check is better than no inventory check, but it is easy to see why hiring an independent party to review the property is for the best. If the landlord carries out or arranges the check, the tenant may be suspicious about the findings. Conversely, if the tenant arranged the inspection, a landlord would be wary about the results. Therefore, an independent party conducting the check should put people’s minds at ease. When the information in the inventory check is accurate and agreed upon, it creates a platform for a more straightforward relationship between landlord and tenant. If you are looking for support and guidance in the rental sector, Dunedin Sales & Lettings is here to help. We are pleased to say we have assisted many landlords and tenants, and we understand the importance of a reliable inventory check. When you are looking for support with a rental property, get in touch, and we will be happy to assist you.