Rubery Vendors – Upgrade your Kitchen And Sell Your Home

If you plan on selling your home, you must make a positive impression on first-time buyers. All rooms in your house have a role to play in connecting with buyers, but the kitchen is essential. The kitchen is the hub of modern family life; and a stylish, spacious and contemporary kitchen is often critical in connecting with buyers, and selling your home.

A lot of homeowners don’t like their current kitchen

However, in a recent study carried out by a kitchen retailer, Kutchenhaus, 68% of homeowners hate their kitchen! 26% of respondents said they believed their kitchen was too dated, and 15% of respondents said they disliked the style of the kitchen.

If the homeowner doesn’t like their property, you worry if a potential buyer is going to fall in love with it. Therefore, you can see why many homeowners intend on upgrading their kitchen before selling their home, but it is vital to make a sensible decision.

You don’t need to overhaul your kitchen

There is no need to overhaul the kitchen. A new buyer is likely to have thoughts on the kitchen, and if they intend to transform the kitchen space, it is best to leave them to it. However, there is a lot to be said for making the kitchen appealing, and you should focus on creating space and making the kitchen feel more modern.

How you use your money is critical, and you should look to carry out improvements which generate a return on investment. Don’t focus on the most affordable or most expensive changes, look for changes that are in your budget, which will improve the kitchen area, and which will appeal to buyers.

Create more space in and around your kitchen

Investing in storage solutions makes sense, because you want to create as much space as possible. If you can remove items from countertops, you make a kitchen area seem more spacious. Potential buyers are looking for potential, and a crowded kitchen worktop gives no room for leeway or personalisation.

Sean Ford is the National Head of sales and operations for Kutchenhaus, and he said: “When purchasing their dream kitchen, people often get carried away and make costly mistakes that make the job much more expensive than it needs to be. Our tips hopefully provide expert guidance on how to achieve your dream kitchen while leaving a bit of extra money in your pocket!”

While the kitchen is just one of the rooms you need to get right when selling your home, it is a room which helps buyers form an impression of your home.

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